As any parent knows bringing up children is hard work: it's even harder though if your child has special needs. Your daughter's pink Barbie themed bedroom may now be looking more like a hospital cubicle or you may be seriously considering having your windows hermetically sealed to stop your son from climbing out of them!

Whatever challenge is facing parents whether its hours of physiotherapy stretches, following a BIBIC or Lovaas programme, coping with refractory epilepsy, or just trying to wear out a hyperactive child we can help.


We train our support workers to a very high standard and we carry out in depth training on Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including Aspergers Syndrome, Sensory Integration and other sensory issues and visual depth issues, weighted vests and blankets, PICA, PECS and Makaton, echolalia, dietary needs, special interests, stereotypy's and stimming, co-morbidities, social difficulties, smearing, toe-walking and other motor difficulties, Intensive Interaction, and repetitive and persistent behaviours.

We receive PEG/Gastrostomy training from either the Nutricia Homeward or Fresenius Kabi PEG nurse.

We run medication training with a qualified dispenser covering (but not exclusively) children's syrups (such as paracetamol and Tixylix), anti-epileptic medication, laxatives, anti-psychotics and other mental health meds, PPI's and other GI meds, anti-spasmodics, antibiotics, inhalers for asthma and topical creams and ointments.

We run in depth training covering many aspects of epilepsy (focal, simple and generalised seizures, absences, tonic clonic seizures, temporal lobe epilepsy, pre and post ictal states, VNS, the ketogenic diet and the administration of buccal Midazolam). And all of our support workers are trained to look after someone during and after a seizure.

And obviously our support workers are trained in personal care including pressure area care, catheter care, and simple dressings, and how to offer drinks and how to feed children. We run specific training around eating, drinking, and swallowing difficulties, the different types of beakers and cups, and the use of thickeners and other additives.

Every agency has to provide manual handling training for their staff to protect staff against serious back injury etc. We also write up individual manual handling protocols for every client (including children) who will need to be hoisted. This protocol will take into account any musculoskeletal problems that your child might have such as spasms or scoliosis. If you have a specialist sling we will make sure that everyone working with your child knows how to put it on and how it fits onto the hoist.

Some of our student nurses and trainee paramedics are competent to give insulin. We also have staff who have been trained to give suppositories and enemas.

Specialist training - we are happy to set up training that is specific to your child's needs. We will be happy to liaise with your own health care professionals to make sure we get it right.


Home Care - washing, bathing, showering, toileting, changing pads, cleaning teeth, cutting nails, getting ready for school, getting ready for bed, help with physio or other exercises, feeding, setting up or taking down overnight feeds, giving meds and applying creams.

Short Breaks - we can stay with your child whilst you go out for a break or we can take your child out. If your child has to travel in a specialist buggy or a wheelchair then we may have to ask you to drop them off and pick them back up or arrange a taxi; otherwise one of our support workers with a car will take them out. We take children to all sorts of different places according to their age and interests; it could be AtBristol if it's cold or Bristol Zoo when it's nice. Lots of parents choose Hop, Skip and Jump because it's safe, convenient and affordable. Saturday morning kid's cinema isn't expensive, Jump and other soft play centres are good for younger children, Sailability is only £5 for an 11/2 hour cruise around the docks and Cumberland Basin, The Colston Hall, The Hippodrome and The Tobacco Factory host children's shows, and Bitton Railway and Brean Leisure Park are good fun.

Day Trips/Holidays - If you need an extra pair of hands in order to enjoy a family holiday we can help. Excluded Children/School Refusers - we can support children who have either been excluded from school or are finding school too difficult to cope with by taking them out to give parents a break or by supporting children to keep up with their school work until their situation is resolved.

Care plans - don't worry we won't be leaving institutionalised care plans lying around your home. If parents have their own up to date support documents we are happy to use those. We will also follow any guidelines from physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists, OTs, or any other therapist. We also adhere to any behaviour guidelines that have been drawn up by clinical psychologists or schools. If your child has epilepsy or any other medical condition that might require 'rescue' medication then we would follow the protocol drawn by the specialist nurse/consultant/GP. We also value input from children themselves and their siblings. Children or their siblings can design a cover for their 'all about me' guidelines.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviours - there are dozens of different companies running courses on how to deal with aggressive and challenging behaviours, and literally hundreds of different techniques are being taught across the UK. Local schools currently favour Team Teach, whilst Mental Health Services still prefer the older Breakaway techniques, and many learning disability based organisations are still using Positive Response Training. We will use whatever techniques your child is familiar with as long as we know what those techniques are. For a child with very challenging behaviours we might have to insist on 2:1 support.

Restraint - we only restrain children in the sense of stopping them running out into the road etc which is common practice. We do not restrain children because of behaviours. If for some reason (perhaps for severe self-harm) restraint was necessary we would have to have a document written either by a consultant or the Social Services before we could implement it. We do not consider straps on wheelchairs or handling belts to be a form of restraint.


Play at Home is our own 'babysitting/childminding' service. We can bring out some of our own toys or play with your own toys. We have musical toys, books, puzzles, outdoor games, and even an XBox.

Some children might prefer having a go at some arts and crafts; we even have jewellery making for the girls, and ceramics for on-going projects.